What is Vermi Compost, its uses, benefits and methods of preparation.

What is vermicompost ?

Vermicompost is an organic manure prepared from earthworm feces
. It is a balanced diet for all types of crops and plants, it contains 5 times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus, 7 times more potash, 2 times more calcium and magnesium than normal soil. It contains the following nutrients: - Nitrogen - 1-2%, Phosphorus - 1-1.5%, Potassium -2.5-3%

Benefit of vermicompost -

👉 The use of vermicompost makes the soil friable, which increases its water conservationists capacity and air circulation is also done properly, due to which the growth of plants is good.

👉 Essential nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium are found in abundance in Vermi Compost, due to which plants get essential nutrients.

👉It is prepared from organic residues, so it does not cause any harm to the environment and is also safe for our health.

👉 Agricultural cost can be reduced by using it in place of chemical fertilizers.

👉At present, the land is becoming barren due to the use of chemical fertilizers, so vermicompost is very necessary for sustainable farming.

Uses of vermicompost -

Vermicompost is used at the time of preparation of the field at the rate of 5 tonnes per hectare in the first year, 2.5 to 3 tonnes per hectare in the second year. It is used in horticulture by mixing it in pots at the rate of 150-300g per pot. Apart from this, it can be used in all types of fruits and vegetables.

Method of preparation -

There are many methods of making vermicompost. We discuss the methods by which vermicompost can be prepared at a low cost.

Method 1-

This is a very simple and cheap method of making vermi compost. In this we prepare beds by using straw and stalks of other crops. The height of the bed is 0.5m, width-1m and the length is kept according to the place. After that, a layer of rotten organic matter and 10-15 days old cow dung is laid in the bed up to a height of 1.5 feet. It is turned upside down for 4-5 days so that the gases coming out of the dung come out. When you do not feel heat after putting your hands in this mixture, then earthworms are put in it. 1000 earthworms are suitable per 1m of length. After this, cover the bed with a jute bag and sprinkle water on it. In this way, earthworm compost becomes ready in 1-3 months. Once ready, the mixture becomes completely friable.

Method 2-

In this method we use plastic beds. A suitable size for a plastic bed is 12×4×2ft. These plastic beds are easily available in the market. After this, set the bed in a shady place by placing it on a pillar. It is to be kept in mind that while setting the bed, keep 1 meter high on one side so that excess water does not accumulate in the bed. After this, a layer of 8-10 inches rotten organic matter is spread in the bed, another layer of 8-10 inches old cow dung is spread. After 4-5 days, after checking the temperature, put earthworms in it. At least 3-5 kg ​​earthworm is suitable in one bed. After putting earthworms, cover the bed with sacks. In this way, earthworm compost is ready in 90 days and the number of earthworms increases to 10-15 kg. From one bed we can get 5-6 cycles in 1 year. It is the most suitable method for commercially producing vermicompost.

Method 3-

This method is a little more expensive but safer than other methods. In this method, first a 6.5ft high shed is prepared. We can also use a garden instead of a shed. After this, we prepare concrete beds with bricks and cement. The size of the bed is 3ft wide, 1-1.5ft high and the length is kept according to your convenience. After that, rotten organic matter and 10-15 days old cow dung are put in the bed up to a height of 1-1.5ft. After this, at an interval of 2 days, with the help of claws, they do the reverse, so that the gas coming out of the dung comes out and the temperature of the dung decreases. After 5-6 days, if you do not feel the heat after putting your hands in the cow dung, then put earthworms in it. After this, the beds are covered with straw or jute sacks. From time to time sprinkle water in it for moisture. Earthworm compost becomes ready in 3-4 months.


While preparing earthworm manure, it should be noted that the bed should not be kept in a sunny and rainy place, due to this excessive temperature and moisture can kill earthworm. Along with this, while using dung, it is to be noted that the dung should be 10-15 days old, because the temperature of fresh dung is high, due to which the earthworm dies. While using earthworm manure, it should be noted that no chemical fertilizer should be used with it, and the soil should be covered after use.


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